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Getting Started

Try Before You Buy
We offer a FREE 30 minute training session! Call Forever Fit Foundation (302) 698-5201 to arrange a complimentary workout. 
Programs designed for you.
You and your trainer will build a fitness and nutritional plan that  works for you. Forever Fit Foundation utilizes a wide variety of exercise techniques. Exercise and eating plans are chosen to fit your needs and lifestyle. You will have fun, reach your goals and achieve amazing results.
Flexible hours and packages.
Forever Fit Foundation works with each client to develop a convenient schedule.  Each person is different and has varying timetables, so trainers schedule on a case by case basis.  We offer a variety of money saving packages to fit any budget.  You are also welcome to pay per session.
Comfortable and inviting studios.
Forever Fit Foundation is not a gym in the customary sense.  We are a studio which fosters a pleasant and relaxing environment.  We do not have the “traditional” gym memberships so we are never crowded.  You will never feel intimidated but very secure in any of our 3 convenient locations.
World Class Trainers
When you workout with one of our staff, you are guaranteed to be working with a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer.  Because of the varied training techniques available,  you may never have the same workout twice, which means faster more permanent results.
Get In Touch!
To contact us, please click on the above button.